Introducing The Collaboratory

A co-creative stakeholder engagement process for solving complex problems
Edited by Katrin Muff

Welcome to The Collaboratory blog, a space for news about, and discussion on, The Collaboratory, published by Greenleaf Publishing in July 2014.

The Collaboratory is a handbook for those interested in making change happen: experienced or aspiring practitioners in all fields of change. This book is about empowering ordinary people to make a difference in the world by providing a simple-to-use process methodology on how to engage stakeholders around a burning issue. It features for the first time an overview of the many philosophies, approaches, and theories that have shaped the change-maker community in the past four decades. The book offers countless examples of how such a Collaboratory can work in many different settings in education, business, NGO, and social enterprise communities and for groups of engaged citizens. This groundbreaking collection of ideas explores these Collaboratories and offers

We invite practitioners, experienced and new, to share their experiences, their queries and questions in this space so that other practitioners can benefit from the continuous and growing use and application of the Collaboratory around the world. Please indicate clearly if you are adding an example of use or application, a contribution to the underlying philosophy, a discussion or question item, or further research. We look very much forward to hearing from you and look forward to hosting this inter-active space for everybody who is interested to help change the world by working with stakeholders on burning issues.

The Collaboratory book is available in print and digital formats, and is also included in The Sustainable Organization Library, the world’s leading online collection on sustainability and social responsibility. Click here to learn more.