PART 4: How to Get Started

Now that you have immersed yourself in part 3 in a range of possibilities of where and how to use a collaboratory, the one question that remains is: “but how do I get started?”

Chapter 22 aims to do mission impossible by providing a roadmap for how to design and co-create a collaboratory. Rather than coming up with a dry checklist, I have described how the most recent collaboratories at the time of writing was co-designed and co-facilitated. I offer a commentary on all the things that went right and wrong in the hope that this prepares current and aspiring social change agents better when you are planning and running your own collaboratory. Remember: there is no collaboratory like another one. In this step-by-step account, I make reference to the many recommendations and insights that are dispersed like nuggets of gold throughout this book.

Chapter 23, compares the collaboratory against other group facilitation methodologies. And in an attempt to close the book with another overview, chapter 24 provides a concluding summary of the book and looks at questions left open.

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