Feedback on The Collaboratory

“Leaders of the future will need to have an intrinsic understanding instead of how networks operate and how to collaborate and build coalitions of the willing. For all these leaders, this book provides an invaluable roadmap. It demystifies the process of collaboration and shows how – through a structured approach – it can become firmly embedded in any organisation.”
Paul Polman, Chief Executive Officer, Unilever [from the Foreword]

“Collaboration and Co-creation are needed NOW; this book provides the practical tools for making change happen/for building the future.”
Jean-Paul Jeanrenaud, Director, One Planet Leaders, WWF International

“Every few years a new technology energizes the field of planned change. The Collaboratory is the latest example. Every change agent needs to read this book.”
Robert E. Quinn, Margaret Elliott Tracy Collegiate Professor in Business Administration; Professor of Management and Organizations, University of Michigan

“We know there are no universal recipes, and no ready-made expert solutions for the unprecedented tangle of issues and tensions that face us both locally and globally. But the power and emergence that arises from collaboration and co-creation is rich, real, and ready to work. This book is an inspiring invitation and guide to be part of this world wide movement for positive change.”
Professor Stephen Sterling, Centre for Sustainable Futures, Plymouth University, UK

“This book shows how organizing can be fun, practical, and transformative. Are you tired of trying to improve things but ending up with the same old boring processes? Then stop, and create a Collaboratory: here you find personal narratives that take the reader alongside wonderfully inventive and sensitive social innovators who combine a rare mix of practical step-by-step guidance with profound theory that touches heart and soul. Keep this book beside you, and give it to your boss!”
Jonathan Gosling, Professor of Leadership Studies, University of Exeter Business School

“This is very important work – congratulations to everyone connected to it.”
Augusto Cuginotti, Learning Host (
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